Fish Coat

Image: Trish Jean

Fish Coat
(Trish Jean)

In the clouds
A long way yet
From landing
Out over the ocean
I long to don a
Straight jacket
Wearing fish scales
And plunge
Without protest
Slippery and sharp
Giving up
Free falling
To the crack of
Parting water
Deep diving
Into the weight
Of my own

I wrote this while flying from Adelaide across to Port Lincoln. It’s not literal, I’m not the crazy brave sort who would jump out of a flying object. I could barely bring myself to awkwardly spill off the high diving boards at the Civic Pool in Canberra as a kid. It was never a thrill, more a thankfulness at having survived.

I do think there is something delicious about falling into your own faith, with your encumbrances (the straight jacket) intact and not inhibiting a rightful entry (denoted by the fish scales) to home.

I think I shall dedicate this poem to my best friend Catherine with whom I often share conversations about our desire to change certain things, even small things, and the challenge that can sometimes be.

This is about coming home, about bravery of a different sort. The visual is nice, the feeling liberating…but…




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