Shedding Light

In early Autumn I joined some friends in Canberra for a surprise birthday dinner for our dear Noodle. After a lovely Sri Lankan dinner we headed around the lake to Enlighten. There were a lot of people enjoying the light displays and taking photos and I got in on the act, trying to find a different way to capture the night. It was a lot of fun!

The archaic definition of enlighten is to shed light on (an object).

I really light the photos of the reflections of what’s projected onto the National Library of Australia, and love the silhouettes – they are stories with rabbits. The rabbits have been installed at various events around the world and I had met one in Hobart before. There were so many people around that it was a waiting game to be ready for a quick snap to capture the moment, but totally worth it!

I quite like the photos too of the walkway between the High Court of Australia and the National Art Gallery – I did long exposures with the camera held onto a sloping edge as I didn’t take the tripod, a worthy challenge! I like the movement with the passage of time. It’s quite freeing sometimes to let go of trying to get the same photo everyone else is aiming for, to get past the desire for clear, recognisable images and instead be with the stories and capture them in a way that invites inspection.

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger etc.



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