Absence of Words

Photography: Trish Jean

And the other main exercise from the writers and performers workshop at Uni of NSW the other night…this one required that we not use particular words, and that we write a poem, based on the topic of a letter to a long lost friend.

(for exercise one where we had words we had to use, see this post: Flung)

Here are the forbidden words…once you’ve had a read, try and write your own poem without them!

the, and, man, like, as, then, she, he, was, it, celestial, a

Here’s what I wrote:

“Hey Girl,
you know it’s kind of funny

taxis always seem so big”
I’d claim those lines
buy they’re not quite mine,
just my story from
the mouth of another
poet, lent in song.
Big taxis, new growth
both starting when you
realise due South
has become True North.
Things are going up.
Less tangled, I’ve
recovered my tripping feet.
Sure footedness, less
ballast, you know  who I’ve
left behind; alleged kindred
spirit. I’m my own shooting star
now in this big taxi, setting
my own direction.
Would love to reconnect.
What sky are you shining in?

If those first few lines have you wondering…they’re a bit of a play on Michelle Shocked’s Anchorage…check it out here.



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