Un-Cleave: The Sagacious Lens

Love was then poured into the space from above my head and my companion took from his chest a graft of skin and sewed it over the space where my scalp had been open.… Read More Un-Cleave: The Sagacious Lens


Fluid: The Winged Anchor

Let me anchor my thoughts about you loosely with space and wings to move me, knowing you may add more strokes and marks on the canvas, create colours, opt to scratch through and reveal, paint white radically. And let my winged anchor be agile and true and make its way there to be in the depths of who you are, not what someone else deems you should be. … Read More Fluid: The Winged Anchor

Blown True

My feet are shod with dust. They connect with humility and with the earth. In the pocket on the left side of my chest I carry images and memories of those I love so I am never alone. My jacket blows in the wind, capturing tales that draw me forth to listen and to find, sometimes with the wind at my back, sometimes with my back bent into the wind.… Read More Blown True