Allegory for Atlantis

Allegory for Atlantis
(Trish Jean)

The gentle shaking
Floats me away
Into a deeper diving
An ire of syncopation
This boat crosses
Your heart
Skips upon ripples
Of its beat
Into which
Nets are cast to
Find the old songs
In the hope they
Can show how to
Have the experiences
That took you
Beneath where the water
Folds upon itself
Is an ancientness
Arising the truths that
Don’t diminish
The beautiful bits
Forever drawing
Me to heat and rumble
Sheltered by the cast
Of the lighthouse
And the keeper
Who won’t be caught
And as those beams
Waiver on the water
The rocking myth
Is a lullaby
The travellers yawn
I catch the wind
And I warm myself
As your land rises
To stand tall
Before me


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