Is it a Shirt Thing?!

I once dated a man who I think was a bit insecure about his looks, and would pester me about which men I found attractive. I’d tell him it was Neil. He would keep saying “yes, but who else?” and I was stumped. Funnily enough, over time he morphed a bit into Neil, was the haircut deliberate perhaps?…I suspect the shirt thing is a bit St Elmo’s Fire too…come on, fess up, how many of you chose the man you love based on his shirt?!… Read More Is it a Shirt Thing?!


Succulent Serendipity in the Midst of the Ocean

Here’s a little aside…a friend said to me once that she wondered how many kids had peed in the ocean pool that we were running in. I told her that whales pee in the ocean, so what should we care, there was bound to be pee in the water. Maybe that shouldn’t be an aside, I think that’s a good metaphor for life too!… Read More Succulent Serendipity in the Midst of the Ocean