Ah Sunflower

A wander in my sister’s garden where there is a chaos of sunflowers, masses of tomatoes late to red, sea daises, spent corn, and beans that have threaded their way from one end to other of the patch.… Read More Ah Sunflower



found some water fowl and had fun trying to catch glimpses of them through the reeds. They hide their young well, you can spy one through the reeds in one of the photos. And then a quick stop at the pier where a fellow was testing the water temperature off the side. I hung over the side of a bridge and found some pelicans.… Read More Glimpse

Moonlit Night

Path in the garden, deep as a long drink,
gently in soft branches gathering force and then gone.
Oh and the moon, the moon, the benches almost
blooming from its slow approach.

The silence, how it throngs. Are you awake up there?
Starry and full of feeling the window faces you.
Hands of the wind transpose to your near countenance
the remotest night.… Read More Moonlit Night