The Way Tectonic

The way the past lies
Is caulked seams ribboning
To dress those dreams and
Connect them as if they are
Still tangible
While the edges of the way
Now unfurl with
An unknown ink marking
Destinations not yet
Thought of and perhaps
Not wanted
The usual compass no
Longer a dial worth reading
The terrain has altered
Your hands are strangers to
The way it feels… Read More The Way Tectonic


Fish Coat

In the clouds
A long way yet
From landing
Out over the ocean
I long to don a
Straight jacket
Wearing fish scales
And plunge
Without protest
Slippery and sharp
Giving up
Free falling
To the crack of
Parting water
Deep diving
Into the weight
Of my own
Faith… Read More Fish Coat


Your head on
My arm
Your back
Lengthened against
My chest and belly
Your feet
Pushing to sit
Upon mine
Where you can
Catch my breathing
You can touch
My heartbeat
You can feel
I am
All over you… Read More Lay