The Moon Over Metropolis

“Back in Metropolis, circuses and elephants
Where the oranges grew
And back in Metropolis, nothing can ever topple us
When I’m standing with you

And back in Metropolis, talk about a holocaust
And then visit the zoo
And back in Metropolis, the weather is ridiculous
What’s it all leading to?

And it’s only a day away
We could leave tonight
You could sleep along the way
Dream in black and white”… Read More The Moon Over Metropolis


The Steak Knives of the Guy Fawkes River

“Wooden structures that emerge from the face of the earth.
Temples of love to give identity to the ground on which they stand.
From east to west a glow with stellular radiance and energy.
On this rock we rely for our daily spin through the sky.
Ivory mountains up above skyscapes of distant places we cannot walk.
Ever changing these vapor ranges.
Beyond the earths golden carpet of October.”… Read More The Steak Knives of the Guy Fawkes River