Tom Ugly’s Bridge

Photography: Trish Jean

Tom Ugly’s Bridge is actually two bridges. The 1929 Pratt truss bridge that takes traffic North into Sydney,  and the 1986 concrete box girder bridge that I take South to Wollongong. The bridges span the George’s River.

Blue, blue, bright blue skies are not the best for taking photos, but it did make for interesting shadows. And I’m glad I stopped and had a walk, I’ve been meaning to for a while.

My sister sent me a text message tonight about my nephew Sam. He’s not ready to go to sleep, so drifting from the bedroom has come the following entertainment…

Honk, honk,
kids you stay there (to his bed toys)
Preschoolers on the mat please!
It’s all my fault (this is from Emily Train of Thomas the Tank Engine)

Interlude…lots of singing, jingle bells, abc, twinkle twinkle and Humpty Dumpty

Dinosours hatch from eggs
That’s better.

Ice cream, custard, jelly
do do do (musical interlude)
Just walk on the bridge
Don’t go in the water.
Trees in the water,
ducks go in the water,


Sounds like performance art to me 🙂




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