Stoney Creek Underbridge

Photography: Trish Jean

I had some work to do in Newcastle, NSW a couple of days go so I took the opportunity to stay with friends on the nearby Lake Macquarie. I packed the camera and went in search of a couple of photos on the way. Stephanie and James live in a township  called Toronto. As I neared their place I noticed railway lines so decided to go and check out Railway Parade in case their was a bridge to be found. Turns out there’s a disused section of railway there and I found myself climbing onto the Stoney Creek Underbridge.

The Fassifern to Toronto branch line, including its components of underbridges, overbridge, remnant track and platforms has historical significance at a local level. It is the only surviving branch line off the Main Northern line, which was deliberately privately planned and constructed and contributed to the subdivision and development of Toronto for tourist purposes at the end of the 19th century. The line has remained largely intact since reconstruction in 1910, from which time the majority of components date. – Fassifern to Tontonto Railway Line

Next time I visit I will have to walk the 4km track and see what else there is to see. I really do need to put some decent walking shoes into the car though…I keep finding myself trampling through long grass and across boggy ground in my Birkenstocks! And as Stephanie told me later in the evening, there are snakes about…


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