Photography: Trish Jean

Shots from Sapphire Beach near Coffs Harbour in NSW. Saturday had gale force winds and stormy weather which made for some nice shots of the moon and clouds. Sunday brought the sun and the chance to walk across the bridge to the beach, with its stunning colours and South Solitary Island and its lighthouse far from the Sapphire Beach shore.

Covering Me

(Trish Jean)

Sapphire blue
Impregnates the water
Your eyes are the sky
Dripping beauty
Lancing the clouds
Covering me

Green of lichen
You wrap and coalesce
Your arms are the reach
Tending unity
Reconciling the space
Traversing me

Umber pungent
Drawn to the light
Your depths are opened
Bring me to
Story of the earth
Grounding me


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