Light On: Enchanted

Photography: Trish Jean

Light On

(Trish Jean)

Light up
My hand slips though you.
Silken and wordless.
Even while you make
Me explode.

Wry smile,
Your own humour.
On the water,
Your own story.
Breach the surface,
I’m enchanted.

Light on
Your fingers reach me.
A beacon regardless.
Even though depths
Claim you.

Telling face,
Beneath the skin.
In the water,
Our own story.
Soaked in, no diffusion
Are you enchanted?

Lights out.

Last night I caught up with some friends from South Australia who were at a conference in Sydney while I was there for work. After dinner we strolled awhile and sat in Darling Harbour and i was enchanted by the lights. I thought I’d get up early and take photos of the Pyrmont Bridge, a swing bridge across Cockle Bay, on my way to the office. I couldn’t resist and I was restless so I went back to my hotel and got the camera and wandered the harbour until late, loving the reflections, drawn to the water, contemplating the beautiful depths we sometimes get to glimpse.


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