Time: A Gift

Photography: Trish Jean

Shots from a walk in Guy Fawkes River National Park, including the Ebor Falls. So great to be able to take time in a busy week to take photos. It’s a mindful activity and makes up for not having time to be in the water, my zen thing, and no baths in the hotels! It’s also great for bringing attention to the places I’m travelling through.

I think every individual has his or her own power, and it’s a matter of working, taking time and defining what that power is. – Jill Scott

I think my superpower is compassion. There’s been a lot of need for that this week, and stopping and taking photos and having time out is the gift of compassion to myself. I’m grateful my travelling companion is a wonderful, compassionate man. So was the man I was working with last week. They’ve both been great in supporting me and giving me time.

The Waterfall

(Henry Kendall)

The song of the water
Doomed ever to roam,
A beautiful exile,
Afar from its home.

The cliffs on the mountain,
The grand and the gray,
They took the bright creature
And hurled it away!

I heard the wild downfall,
And knew it must spill
A passionate heart out
All over the hill.


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