Photography: Trish Jean

“Creative work bridges time because the energy of art is not time-bound. If it were we should have no interest in the art of the past, except as history or documentary. But our interest in art is our interest in ourselves both now and always. Here and forever. There is a sense of the human spirit as always existing. This makes our death bearable. Life + art is a boisterous communion/communication with the dead. It is a boxing match with time.” Jeanette Winterson

When I was coming back from Nowra earlier in the week I drove the scenic route through the small coastal town of Gerroa to avoid the roadworks. I stopped to take some photos of the bridge over Crooked River and could see another bridge in the distance so I went for a wander and found a pedestrian bridge that spans Crooked River and takes you onto Seven Mile Beach. I was trying to practice depth of field. Bridges are good for this and some of the shots worked. A really nice break in a busy day and I remembered I had a hat in the car which meant I could take my time and stroll on the beach too.

thumb_DSC_6171_1024 thumb_DSC_6223_1024 thumb_DSC_6225_1024 thumb_DSC_6226_1024 thumb_DSC_6233_1024 thumb_DSC_6237_1024 thumb_DSC_6252_1024 thumb_DSC_6256_1024 thumb_DSC_6368_1024


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