Mulwaree Ponds Viaduct Main Southern Railway

Photography: Trish Jean

Constructed in 1915 the railway viaduct is located in Goulburn, New South Wales and is comprised of 13 brick arches. Spring is a beautiful time to climb down under the willow trees and among the blossoms. I tried three different locations but couldn’t find a good one for a view of the whole viaduct, but it’s the reflections that were most fun to shoot anyway.

thumb_DSC_5426_1024 thumb_DSC_5430_1024 thumb_DSC_5443_1024 thumb_DSC_5446_1024 thumb_DSC_5453_1024 thumb_DSC_5457_1024 thumb_DSC_5482_1024 thumb_DSC_5488_1024 thumb_DSC_5498_1024 thumb_DSC_5510_1024 thumb_DSC_5587_1024 thumb_DSC_5597_1024


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