Glass or Water?

Photography: Trish Jean

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

I visited a great community service in Sydney today. When I finished I went to one of my favourite cafes for lunch and sat and wrote the report and did the crossword in the paper for good measure. I’ve just started wearing my fitbit again this week and it really reminds me how easy it to be sedentary during the day, and that if I don’t make a conscious effort I won’t make 10 thousand steps. So I went to the Auburn Botanic Gardens for a walk and some photography before driving home to The Writers Wrest in Wollongong.

I took a lot of photos, including the standard kind of shots. But I like to look for something a little different and I’m always drawn to the water and the sky. Here’s what I found…

thumb_DSC_4320_1024 thumb_DSC_4321_1024 thumb_DSC_4327_1024 thumb_DSC_4334_1024 thumb_DSC_4342_1024 thumb_DSC_4357_1024 thumb_DSC_4366_1024 thumb_DSC_4387_1024 thumb_DSC_4397_1024 thumb_DSC_4412_1024 thumb_DSC_4416_1024 thumb_DSC_4449_1024 thumb_DSC_4452_1024 thumb_DSC_4461_1024 thumb_DSC_4475_1024


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