Rawness & Wisdom

“my dear, I have nothing to say.
my heart burns
like the evening sky.” – Sanober Khan

An early evening walk to clear my head has instead filled it with wonder and gratitude for being present as one small part of a beautiful world, where the human footprint meets Mother Earth, whose tangibility is as much in the small spaces as in its vastness and played out in the cycles of life and death, dawn and dusk, rawness and wisdom.thumb_DSC_3393_1024

thumb_DSC_3570_1024 thumb_DSC_3503_1024 thumb_DSC_3469_1024 thumb_DSC_3455_1024 thumb_DSC_3432_1024 thumb_DSC_3418_1024  thumb_DSC_3363_1024 thumb_DSC_3354_1024 thumb_DSC_3353_1024 thumb_DSC_3307_1024 thumb_DSC_3255_1024 thumb_DSC_3216_1024 thumb_DSC_3204_1024 thumb_DSC_3041_1024


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