(Trish Jean)

I think maybe she fell down into her heart
And it was too deep
And took all of her focus to
Stay afloat
While waves of emotions
Kept rolling.

But I was wrong
About that
Instead her version of captaincy
Was to accept a row boat
And scuttle.


1. a deep bucket for carrying coal.
2. British Dialect. a broad, shallow basket.


verb (used without object), scuttled, scuttling.
1. to run with quick, hasty steps; scurry.
2. a quick pace.
3. a short, hurried run.


1. Nautical
     1. a small hatch or port in the deck, side, or bottom of a vessel
     2. a cover for this.
2. a small hatchlike opening in a roof or ceiling.
verb (used with object), scuttled, scuttling.
3. to sink (a vessel) deliberately by opening seacocks or making openings in the bottom.
4. to abandon, withdraw from, or cause to be abandoned or destroyed (as plans, hopes, rumors, etc.).

To more than imagine that
What happened hadn’t
It made apology easy.

But this also made flight
A skeletal wing
And where vulnerability was authentic
It’s now a prospect of exposition
Passage or passenger?

A prospect migrated
The bite of which effects a smallness
In its expanse
She will chose expanse
Thinking it is the oyster
That others will prize it
And say it’s well done.

And with few feathers on the wing
With only one oar for rowing
She will circle back down into his heart.


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