Capturing Emergence

Capturing emergence and colour while on the phone with my sister this evening. It’s cool and crisp and a cold snap is coming to the coast…I can hear sheet metal fluttering in the sky, flying thunder…but the wheel of time is turning and there are hints of the Spring reminding us of a new cycle beckoning.

The Wheel Turns

(Doreille Torghin)

The Wheel has turned, for better or worse.
And it will keep on turning,
As lights die and forests dim,
Storms call and skies break.
Turn it will.
The Wheel is not hope,
And the Wheel does not care,
The Wheel simply is.
But so long as it turns,
Folk may hope, folk may care.

For with light that fades, another will eventually grow,
And each storm that rages must eventually die.
As long as the Wheel turns. As long as it turns…






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