The Script That Cloaks Me

The Script That Cloaks Me

(Trish Jean)

Tear trails
At 5 am
I wish I could just
Hollow myself out

I know it will eventually dull
And that in itself is
So sad
That it’s better dead

I should have been
Immune to
Sentences that stopped
Mid flight in liquid eyes

I should have disbelieved
The implied you gave
Others too
With me as the audience

I should have been clever
Had my hands on the wheel
But it wasn’t about cleverness
Just love

I should have understood
I thought I understood
Swimming in a new water
Divinely gifted

I should have thought
That acceptance is
An irrelevance
For both of us

Easy to be angry at
Should have
Harder to be the subject
Of the great desolation

It was hard to love
It’s harder now not to
Strip bare
Remove the script that cloaks me


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