Cornucopia Urban Sunset

Photography: Trish Jean

A quick photo shoot from the backyard steps at “Cornucopia”

Practicing capturing the changing light at sunset, playing with foreground and background…the focus on the reflection on the rainbow fly curtain or the up close rain drops and buds on one of the fruit trees; the natural or man made elements; the beloved magpie.

thumb_DSC_9962_1024thumb_DSC_9920_1024 thumb_DSC_9924_1024thumb_DSC_9945_1024  thumb_DSC_9928_1024 thumb_DSC_9929_1024 thumb_DSC_9930_1024 thumb_DSC_9937_1024   thumb_DSC_9952_1024 thumb_DSC_9959_1024thumb_DSC_9939_1024


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