Paradox and Bedrock

Inspired by a night on Waiheke Island. Title from Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire.

Paradox and Bedrock

(Trish Jean)

Seeing better without the light
I ventured out to seek my inner night
Connection made more true I thought
Where groping could become
Less punchy and softer touch
Sought to say I understand
Having raised my head instead
I felt the boundless sphere of awe
Abide no longer beneath the grist of self repose
And repast it became what I beheld
For the senses come acute
The taste of splashed sky
The tang of air whose cold now bit
I feel my own holiness
Grown within
Mirrored in the colours of the sky
I want to sit but I fear my smallness on reassuring solidity
Far better to remain attached but apart
And so I don’t quite cede
I hold myself separate in the space
To claim the paradox that I too shine though made of dust
And bring to question the considered
Beauty of my travelled light


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