Inspired by the photographic images of Ashleigh Garwood

Images: Ashleigh Garwood


(Trish Jean)

Symmetry ’til man stood there
On the edge
Where the flow is.
A new reflection cast
Setting things off balance.
Unstacked shifting tiers
Beneath his sense of self.
Unslaked need to traverse
Overlapping terrain that mirrors
The meaning and the helplessness
That war for continuance.
Desperate stacking.

Triumphant the scene
For the feet.
While the heart unsure
At making it shudders.
A coat for warmth
And yet so exposed.
In this territory conquered
Slide away.
Descend now.
Unpack the pieces.
Slot them back into your heart from where you
Fetched them.
The rods of faith.
The planks of love.
The nails of courage.
A new shape


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