Featured in the Pengenie blog post No Glass Mouthful of Thwart or Victorious The Living Myths



(Trish Jean)

I held you to the sun…
Ah yes, the red fiery sun,
But you charred me!
You betrayed me
and dropped my trust
which I had so carefully
placed in your arms.
And shattered it.
A million shards
shooting from one end of my sanity
to the other and beyond.
And I no longer feel
the slight, though lingering touch of
your warm hand
stroking my face
your warm skin
keeping my flame alive.
Now there’s just a second hand heater
with leaking gas.
It scratches and laughs
and I bleed and cry
for lost love and the
bitterness betrayal
has brought me.

But I have to do this…
Toss me aside!
Kick me away
like a green leaf
turned a ripe brown for burning.
In my autumn turned to winter.
My eyes don’t see anymore
did they ever?
Frozen rivers.
You once broke the ice
now you have left me my skates
whose blades are yet unrevealed
young ignorant boys to be
manipulated toys
of my anger
left to simmer
and to boil?

You are behaving like an angry fool…
And what of you?
Angry no, but the fool.
Fine fool of wantonness.
A rotten pea in a fine pod.

Oh come on…
Yes! Yes yes yes yes
you’ve had your fill
and I in turn will have
my fill
by the gods’ decree or otherwise
I will mash your almond eyes
and kill your dreams…
oh the unfairness
it always seems…


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