Hymns to the Goddess of Dance

Featured in the Pengenie post What’s Your Beef? Liberation Pie

Image: Virginia Lee, Dancing with the Moon

Hymns to the Goddess of Dance

(Gabriele Rosa da Silva)

The Goddess of dance is the healing Goddess
My lover is a dancing god.
Keep me moving, swirl around, inside me, everywhere.
Pulsation of life,
of breath,
of rhythm,
Of nature.
Hear my calling:
I am in need of energy.
Fill me with your life,
let me enter into another space, another time,
out of this limited time.
Dance me into eternity,
let me feel it, coming out of our limits,
our walls of time and being.
Make me break through those walls,
this Maya, which limits me.
I want to dance with the moon and the sun,
the glimmering light of a hot summer evening.

I want to dance in the middle of the fire.
Flow between white clouds in the sky.
Jump on the heavy earth.
Flow through warm water.
To melt within the elements,
To harmonise my inner life,
Weaving a net with others souls, bodies and spirits.
Dance my loneliness,
To the encounter of other hearts.
Dance through it
to the universal pulse of life,
Beyond words.
This language, which often exists empty, without sense.
I need a deeper communication
Or to arrive at a state,
where words begin again to have a meaning.
This society is talking too much ****, empty words,
throwing lies around.

Let us feel our words again,
Connect them again to our hearts.
I can’t support any more these masks,
with nothing inside,
only the dust of worthless life.
Go away, those words, those souls!

Inner peace will only come by sincerity.
Halfway to freedom, don’t let us stop,
Flowing with life to Eden,
Which can be inside of us,
Create a garden of life,
In Spite of all nowadays hells.
Only WE can create.
The creator is inside of us.
Don’t let us wait for liberation, for paradise.
Let us free ourselves,
Clean our souls, bodies, thoughts and spirits.
We have a lot of darkness inside.
Let us throw it away,
That it can be transformed into humus.

It is time for a big soul-cleaning


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