An experience of When My Heart Stops Beating

Featured in the Pengenie blog post Until Revealed – The Obtuse Restriction of Love Freed

An experience of When My Heart Stops Beating

(Trish Jean)

Hey, that’s you over there.
I don’t mean you literally are there.
I mean over there is your destination.

In a box.
You’ll be isolated, but
your story will be told and released, repeatedly.

The needle stuck in the groove
that kids will tear at and
the romantics will etch deeper and deeper.

You’ll be isolated,
but you’ll be in the company of many
that don’t know you and none that you do.

You’ll be isolated,
but only until someone has the whim
to open the box.

And your tale will be the same
as the person in the box next to you,
and above you,
and just out of reach over on the left in the box on the floor,
and in the box two rows up to the right.

To the East, due South, far North, wild West.
16,882 steps to find you.

Further than the curiosities in a cabinet.
Lower than the numbers over the door
whose function I cannot remember but which is surely remarkable.

Beneath the toilet floor with the projected movies on it.
You live next to people.
In the boxes.

But what do we know about them?
Love, apparently.
That they say I love you, for reasons.

The human experience
archived and released,
comported for revelation.


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