A Question of Shadows

Inspired by the photographic work of Kyunghee Lee

A Question of Shadows
(Trish Jean)

What if your shadow revealed a different you?

A whole other being?

What if your shadow self was eagle?

What if that shadow was your strength and it was captured and gone?

How would you circle above your domain?

How would you keep watch?

Would your mate recognise you?

How would you call to me in the day?

Nest in the night?

How would you be with the other shadows?

Are there others who are shadowless?

Does someone else shadow you?

Is the shadow always sharp and clear?

Can its edges be fringed?

What is the movement on that outer line?

Where is light?

Are you less layered?

Has your depth gone?

Are you unfollowed?

Is it your shadow or really a reflection?

The sun has moved…you’re radiant.


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