How Far a Longing

Featured in the Pengenie blog post The Distance of Longing

How Far a Longing

(Trish Jean)

Is it too far to sustain your sight of it?
Is it so close it teases at every moment?
Does it ask that you swim an ocean to reach it?
Or that you go as far as telling your deepest truths?

Is its keenness a slither of light cutting your darkness?
Is its fragility the tautness of a bow?
Does it dwell deep in your belly?
Or crawl about your mouth as you try to keep it stowed?

Is it the length of my arm when I’m stroking your skin?
Is it the loss of time when your soul meets mine?
Does it shorten the space when I look at you?
Or mark how far I can carry the taste of you into the day?

Is it the space occupied by your beauty manifest?
Is it the memory of the distance you’ve already come?
Does it define how we so gently collide?
Or defy the completion of moments forever etched?

How far a longing?
Is it as far as mine?


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