The Things I Saw

The things I saw. I looked at the right moment. Because I was there. And I was meant to see. Out in the grey and ink above the movement of my twisted neck and tilted head, the momentary illumination of a cloud among many as Moon broke his cover and ventured with pomp and dignity. For just moments.

I played chicken with the waves breaking over the wall. In quiet movements, after my mind ventured and my body giggled and delighted at thoughts. The things I saw. I looked at the right moment. Because I was there. And I was meant to see. A head emerged from my chest. As if beneath the water. With sunken eyes and shadowed cheek. A transparency through which I could attach myself to the pebbles under my feet. It was self, with depth, my reflection, strange company in the water. Myself as spectre and spectacle. For just moments.

Discoveries by sagacity, good fortune, a rare superpower for some. That’s serendipity.

How do we recognise those right moments and understand something of greater meaning? What happens when faith and serendipity merge? We can credit it as a gift.

Faith has taken me a long way in bridging the difference between getting part way and getting there, and being here. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I still don’t hit the mark, which will always be the case. It can be tempting to throw our hands up and retreat…but it’s what you do next…

Look at the future, find the potential, be held in faith and with grace redefine the present.

The purpose of grace is to keep going, and with passion, and with generosity, expressing that grace. I’ve had an abundance of grace over the past six months that’s worked in me and been extended to others. And I think it’s because I was there. And I’m learning to practice surrender. Surrender. How amazing when we can. It honours us, our higher power, the important people in our lives and quite possibly people we don’t realise we’re touching.

I’ve been delighted to find out how much there is to surrender to in life. When we can put judgement aside, when we make time and space, when we accept grace. I’ve surrendered to a long history of falling into puddles, whatever the place, whatever the weather. I’ve surrendered to the desire to be open to love. I’ve surrendered old notions of validation and instead walk out after my bliss. It means I can be here.

All this surrender can be liberation! It is opening a new way of being and revealing a new way to understand and enact my purpose that brings me closer to home and ignites the most important connections in my life. I am a lot more present in my own life and the lives of others. And surrender seems to be going hand in hand with serendipity, moments and momentum. And it’s because I’m there.

Being present also means I don’t miss out on the blessings of gifts. One of the greatest gifts I’ve received is from my sister. She role models trust. It’s something she’s always working on and so often when we’ve had a conversation about struggle or fear, trust seems to be the effective solution. So I’ve been carried along by abiding trust, and what’s been needed has been provided. I’m there with greater strength and peace too.

I’ve also had the gift of great joy. Experiences and people that give me great joy, encouragement to redefine and reframe that enables joy, reminders of joy, joy at my joy. Joy should be necessary. We should be lit up! And it’s more fun when it’s a gift shared.

Easter is a special time of reflection and gratitude for Christians as we acknowledge the giving that is the real meaning for us at this time. It’s a good opportunity for everyone to be giving, to honour receiving, to grapple with the enormous value these acts can bring us in life and to do so with joy.

I think serendipity is a gift. Actually it’s a bag of tricks, a suitcase of unexpected events and plate full of outcomes to be savoured. It’s the fortunes that you didn’t expect. But you have to be there for the gift of alternative, the reward of unexpected, the challenge to trust it.

Life’s rich. The devices we take travelling are variable. My sonic screwdriver has settings for happenstance, faith, trust, grace, surrender. I use it to redefine, reframe, shape. But really the instrument is me, and you, and us, for giving, for receiving, for joy.

I hope readers that your Easter is full of light and love, with blessings and gifts and moments where you can really be there.


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