Inhabit the Furrows: Making Relationship, Weaving Reality

(Photo of the Bohus Coast by Maria Edvardsson)

Inhabit the furrows. Be where your questioning is. Delve into the mysteries of the crevices. Feel it, the rough bits and the smooth bits and ask them why they are so. Taste the creases. Sit your hand right there on the bumps. Just be there. Place your foot into the puddle, even though you know it’s going to be cold. Get past cold to see what else it is. Touch the growing things. Do they mark your skin? Be there mindfully and make the most of it.

Sometimes I can’t extract myself from the landscape. I want to stay in the wonderment and try to keep feeling and forming.

Some mornings I don’t step out into the day. I stumble. Sliding off the pillow top mattress that has me resting as if in a giant palm and free falling with resignation until my feet hit the floor and I can bounce off the door frames and lurch to the kitchen. I may be awake, but my mind is trying to remain walking beside sleep, asking it what it meant by that dream, sometimes asking sleep if it can hold hands with me a bit longer while I try and inhabit that sleepscape for moments more.

Who knows sometimes how it is that we find one another, how it is that we came gently to be together in the melody of the same song or to collide with brashness in the passion of new frontiers and dimensions? How it is we come to be together in shared landscapes of the mind, the heart, the earth. Sometimes it smacks of the Divine. Other times we wonder what was that all about?! It’s the human landscape at work in the bigger picture.

Today from my small cottage on the East coast of Australia I have been connected as far away as Osaka in Japan, flowing into the eddy of activity, a swirl of ideas and people and purpose and possibility at HackOsaka (click here if you want to know more). And closer to home I sat by means of the telephone and internet beside a friend up in the North in Queensland, some 1032 kilometres, or an 11 hours and 48 minute drive away.

Space and place and function is whatever you want it to be sometimes, limited only by our minds (okay, and sometimes by the technology but I don’t want that to ruin my romantic notion). My friend has recently become internationally certifiable, sorry, certified. I told her I was jealous because that sounds so neat and I don’t know any other internationally certified women. I asked if I could be certified by association? My consolation is that she told me she looks up to me. I decided I must therefore be certified by the universe! This is allegedly confirmed by the fact that I should make no decisions between now and the 12th. You see I’m feeling a bit like I’m not quite functional. The good news is apparently it’s fashionable that I can’t function, because Mercury is in retrograde, and being a woman of the universe, well that’s having some impact. It will all be fine on the 13th. Except that’s a Friday isn’t it?! Friday the 13th…best wait ‘til the 14th.

I’m not meaning to mock anyone who is into astrology or who informs their way of being with the cautions and options of superstition. I think people should be into whatever works for them. Whatever makes sense for you and helps you reason and grow and act.

And my friend does that. We met in the landscape of work and we connected and she’s been enriching my landscape ever since and I love those chances when we can come together and sit and build and investigate and try and laugh and just be and produce because we are committed to what that’s going to offer to the landscape of other people and communities. She helps me to reason and grow and act. She’s a constant act of kindness in my life.

I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that I’ve started multitasking again after taking a very conscious break from doing it. I used to do it as the norm at work and I know some people say it’s detrimental to productivity but I think it’s a shade of grey that depends on the person and the situation – though it seemed a feature of working in crisis and I’m enjoying not operating in that sort of environment at the moment. Anyhow, I’m certainly not effective at it just now! I can move between so quickly that I forget I’ve been somewhere, seen or started something. My multitasking has gotten comical, but comical is a great platform for dealing with this – I can roll around in the humour landscape for a while before I sit up and dust myself off.

In consent with the realities of my intentions I’ve been easing back into working after a break. Time to be taking action, and with more aplomb than my multitasking has been offering! Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my confidence. Fortunately I know when I feel like I can’t, that it’s not the truth and I should just touch the can’t gently and let it know I hear it but that I’m moving on.

You see it’s when we notice the kindnesses and not the shortcomings of other people that we get a sense of how the loving presence views us, and that goes for ourselves too. When we can love one another through storms and droughts, in rich gardens and dried lakes. When we can be together and protect and encourage and free one another in these places, then we inhabit a common landscape of love.

Which doesn’t mean we have to understand it all…what we learn because we stay with what we don’t understand or remain in a place we don’t know…it’s opportunity isn’t it? It’s like that in-between world I inhabit some days between sleep and coffee. If you just swirl around in there you may find something rational or better still a thread that when you pull it and start to weave it you make your own rationality. And better still you can then attach it to someone else’s or weave it together.

Sometimes I can’t extract myself from the landscape. I want to stay in the wonderment and try to keep feeling and forming.

When it’s time to step out of the landscape into the next thing, I want to carry with me the being in the wondering and learning and have a richer way of being because of it. To carry the strength into the day, even if that strength is just carrying myself when I don’t want to take the necessary paces and inhabit the places of the morning.

Today, I’ve been no further than my cottage, but I’ve been everywhere. And I’ve not been there alone. How rich we are for the company and care of others.

Those who have been following my blog will know I’ve entered into the company of a community who are building bridges and constructing change. We’re connected. No man is an island…neither you, me, nor these children, whose chances at survival we seek to improve.

No Man is an Island

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

The focus right now is on designing the Design Forum – the platform through which we collaborate and grow and act. This challenge for the 10 City Bridge Run is extended to all to create a collaborative convening space. What might this ecosystem look like so as to work towards improving the delivery of child survival? If you’re curious, if you want to follow along, if you want to contribute then have a look here for more information.


2 thoughts on “Inhabit the Furrows: Making Relationship, Weaving Reality

  1. Ahhh, that was a deep, clear and clean pool.
    I had a swim in a creek falling off the Brindabella ranges last week after a long day blazing a containment line for up a coming hazard reduction burn.
    The pool was full of small galaxia fish, Very hitchhikers!

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