Designing The Design Forum

We need you to bring whatever magic that makes you special to the table. You are more than enough just as you are. Let’s see what alchemy we can create when we literally put our minds together.

Building Bridges

The 10 City Bridge Run Design Forum is a series of 10 events that will be convened in the 10 cities where running took place during the 10 City Bridge Run. The entire focus of the Design Forum is to address the central question to the 10 City Bridge Run which asks: “how might we use our networks to improve the delivery of child survival?”

The design for the Design Forum is for us to decide. Us, not me.

I have plenty of ideas and thoughts, and will continue to lead by defining and shaping these events with a credible structure that can then be influenced and improved by the interventions of us who are together on this journey. Making decisions, and working out how to collaborate are two key tasks that are all part of this mix. Sharing ideas is simple, but will also present challenges. This post is…

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