Evoke: Love is a Lighthouse

Photography: Trish Jean

It’s Martin Luther King Day in America. Social media is a river of tributes, honoring MLK and there is easy access to reminders about his time and his beliefs in action and his legacy. I wonder can we continue to credit him with growing our individual and collective consciousness and commitment to what is better, right and just? I think so.

I woke in the early hours of this morning. As I drifted back towards sleep I caught the scent of my Great Aunts’ house in Kew, Melbourne, where I spent many holidays as a child. It was powerful and heady and delicious and evocative, stirring up so many memories and reminding me how these strong, wonderous women contributed to who I am today – manners, respect, values, card games, an insane lust for a California Bungalow, the correct choice of the articles a and an depending on the initial sound of a word, not on the initial letter of the word they precede. Watch your “h’s” people! It all came with an unconditional, freely given love.

As an adult I once traced the tram route from Melbourne city back to Miller Grove. I rode past familiar shop fronts, the tram depot (that always prompted us to ask about the time Dad stole a tram…) and walked the unchanged fence lines, peered at the houses both staid and altered. I stood outside 5 Miller Grove, Kew, Vic, 3101 (this address is imprinted on my brain from much letter writing) and wondered how with so much life having unfolded under its roof, the house could have shrunk?!

The physical dimensions may be changed to my adult self, yet the enormity of the place and the people who spent time there remain a beacon down through the history of my lifetime and beyond.

beacon [bē′kən]
A fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration. A beacon is a person or thing that warns, guides or offers support.
1. A lighthouse is an example of a beacon.
2. The lights of a runway are an example of a beacon for a landing plane.
3. A friend who offers direction and guidance is an example of a beacon for someone in need.

Not so many years ago one of my aunts connected with the current owners of 5 Miller Grove and came into possession of a diary written by her sister and stowed away in an upstairs cavity. Similarly, some of my school peers, on a recent visit to our high school, were assisted by a member of staff to remove a ceiling tile where our common room used to be in the late 80’s, revealing messages from their teenage selves. Just yesterday my younger godson decided it would be good to write messages and leave them hidden about the Air B&B house we are staying in for someone to find later.

We like to preserve something of ourselves, leave our own legacy, perhaps send a message to our future self. We’re making the future and shining forth. Lighting a beacon, paving the way for ourselves and others.

Today’s Your Turn Challenge is to blog about something that’s important to you. I’m a fan of love and I love a lighthouse. There are many lighthouses in my life, the family and friends who stand firm, light the way (in their own ways) and who emit love into their families and communities.

On MLK Day, take a few moments to think about who your beacons are and how their light is love. How and where and when do you shine your light? How are you a beacon in your community? What are you bringing home? What are you celebrating?

Check out this link for the citizen led initiative Building Bridges. There is an opportunity for us to be a beacon, to shine a light on the delivery of child survival and to be part of making a future. Can we do this for greater surety for the world’s children?

Keep in touch through the blog or the community facebook page here as the Design Forums are planned and unfold and evoke new beams of light to lead change.


(Scix Knight)

What was composed in the dark, has

come to light,

My strong white citadel that stands 

through time,

It brings this ship home from the

dreary winds.

My heart leaps at the sight of the 


Pulling me from the realms of the 


Kiss the fears alone and beset to 


What was composed in the dark, has 

come to light,

This lighthouse that stands through


It awaits for my heart, forever the 

guardian of my soul.

No matter the sails that were set to 

sea, I’ll always have a light watching 

over me.

Though love can be cumbersome, it’ll

always be reset with stone.

What was composed in the dark, has

come to light, 

My strong white citadel that stands through time,

It brings this ship home from the

dreary winds.

This lighthouse that shines bright,

brings this lost child to the safety of 

its light.


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